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Brand Story

You will prolong your life by ZERONIGHT.

A dream of saving yourself is possible. Just you are enough to prepare something who can protect you from danger.
ZERONIGHTt is here, and it is able to protect you. It will do that your precious family into the bargain. Suppose you or someone of your family walking on the road at night.
There's no doubt that driver can't see you in the darkness.

In addition to this, we could predict every security risks. For that reason, ZERONIGHT is designed for light reflect with the original idea was to make clothing that would preserve your activity at night.
ZERONIGHT is achieved by ameliorating special technology of the manufacturing with a very determined effort, under the title `Bright the dark.`
Responding immediately world fashion trend, ZERONIGHT has been varied by several types of reflecting thread production.

ZERPNIGHT is born to satisfy needs for security and unique look.